Bala Pendant light

Completely re-imagined and re-designed from the ground up, Bala combines precision machining and the finest European componentry.

With a minimal and contemporary aesthetic, Bala sets a new standard for quality in lamp holder design and fills a niche in a market saturated by vintage style or cheap plastic variants.

Beautifully simple as a single elegant pendant light, Bala is also a clever building block to form other pendant, ceiling, wall and floor lights. Each of which can be custom designed for specific projects, available on request.

Available in solid brass or aluminium and other metals on request, including copper, stainless steel and raw steel, Bala exudes quality throughout its construction and is designed to last a lifetime.

As an individual element, Bala is simple, minimal and engineered to precision. As an OEM component, it enhances the luxuriousness of other lighting products to be used in lieu of cheap and generic plastic lamp holders, as used in many high end luminaries.

In addition, the parts can be custom made to suit a specific application. The standard European sizing fitting allows it to be used with existing lampshades.

Please note: We recommend our lights are installed by a certified electrician.